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Under Water

What to Know / About Us!

What to Know Before You Book:

Where to Meet Us

  • All of our tours set sail from the beautiful, remote island of Vieques, Puerto Rico

  • Our booking agent will email the address and directions to your pickup spot after you have booked.

  • For our high season (December 15th to May 1st) you must have your OWN VEHICLE to get to our location, as taxis don't come out this far into the wildlife refuge!

  • Tours outside of our high season dates are not always offered, so make sure to come during winter or spring to catch a sail with us!

What to Bring

  • Bathing suit

  • Non-aerosol reef safe sunscreen (a swim shirt or rash guard is even better!)

  • Towel

  • Sunglasses

  • Water safe shoes to board the dinghy

Skill Level / Mobility Requirements

  • All of our snorkeling tours take place on exclusive, remote, open water coral reefs only accessible by boat, so there is nowhere to stand up or touch the bottom. For this reason, we consider it an intermediate snorkel. If you have not snorkeled before, we highly recommend practicing before coming out with us. We've had plenty of first time snorkelers come out and have an amazing time, but practicing first is always best! 

  • That being said, keep in mind that nobody walks the plank! If you don't want to snorkel, or you try the snorkeling portion and decide it isn't for you, simply have a swim in the crystal clear blue waters and enjoy unlimited drinks, snacks, and sunshine aboard our classic sailboat in the Caribbean! Jump in and swim by the boat, get a tan on the foredeck, and relax in tropical bliss!

  • We do have inflatable float vests for guests who would like that extra bit of flotation while snorkeling, but good swimming skills are required for our snorkeling tours, as we cover a sizeable distance on a large coral reef.

  • Boarding will take place from a dinghy/tender, up a vertical 4 foot ladder to the deck of the larger sailboat. This can be quite difficult for those with a mobility impairment. If you have any mobility or balance concerns, please call before booking so that we can be sure you are fully informed of the physical requirements necessary to board. If you arrive on the day of your tour and our captain determines that it is unsafe for you to attempt to board the vessel, you will be turned away for your safety, without refund. We are happy to talk with you over the phone so that you feel comfortable and prepared!

What To Know
About the Boat!

Sailing Vessel Avalon is a 42-foot Pearson 419 ketch, built in Portsmouth Rhode Island in 1974. She has a large center cockpit where passengers can lay back and relax, or even take the helm! We navigate entirely under sail, using only manual winches and simple instruments from Avalon's era of sailboats in order to immerse our guests in the timeless tradition of sailing on the sea. 

About The Boat
About Vieques Sailing Charters!
4pix VSC.png


Vieques Sailing Charters has been sailing the waters of Vieques since 2013, and we are passionate about what we do. We strive to have a low impact on the local ecosystem by operating exclusively under sail, utilizing moorings instead of anchors, powering our boat's electricity by wind and solar, never using single use plastics, practicing a "take only pictures; leave only bubbles" approach, and serving sustainable, locally sourced food. We see the effects of global warming in our waters every day, and we are doing our part to protect the planet we call home.



Vieques Sailing Charters is in compliance with all United States Coast Guard regulations, permitted by all local government agencies, endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and is fully insured.  Our vessels are inspected annually by the USCG and our Captains hold USCG 100-Ton Master Merchant Mariner Credentials, have undergone criminal background checks conducted by the US Department of Homeland Security, and hold valid Transportation Worker Identity Credentials. Additionally, all of our Captains and Crew are certified CPR First Responders, are certified SCUBA divers, are screened for illegal drug use prior to employment, and are all enrolled in a random drug testing program as mandated by the United States Coast Guard. 

When you sail with us, you are in excellent hands.

About VSC
Quick Vieques Tips!

Tips for planning your trip!

  • Holiday weeks and school vacation weeks are very popular and boats fill quickly. Don't be disappointed - book with us as soon as you make your flight and accommodation reservations! Don't forget to book a vehicle well ahead of time! Rental cars in Vieques book up FAST.

  • We recommend booking toward the beginning of your vacation rather than the end so that we are able to reschedule in the event of inclement weather.

  • Some trips require more preparation on our end. If you have dietary restrictions, special medical or mobility needs, or special requests for specific locations, please call us well in advance!

  • We are always happy to chat about Vieques if you have questions! Wanna know our favorite beaches? Restaurants? Excursions? Give us a call!

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